Welcome, and thank you for visiting The Parish of Pyle and Kenfig. 

The Parish consists of two churches, St James in Pyle and St Mary Magdalene in Kenfig. There is also a Parish Hall in Pyle. The Parish serves the communities of Pyle, North and South Cornelly, Mawdlam and Kenfig.

Please feel free to read more about our church on this site, or come in for a visit. 

St. James
Service Times



8am        Communion (1984 version)

11am      Holy Communion

6pm        Parish Evensong



10am      Holy Communion


(Except on 2nd Sunday in the month when there is evening Eucharist)

St. Mary Magdalene Service Times



9.30 am     Sung Communion



11am          Holy Communion


If anyone wants to see the Vicar they should attend the 11 am service at Pyle on a Sunday, when they can talk to Rev Duncan Walker immediately afterwards.

Our Mission

The Parish of Pyle and Kenfig is passionate about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with our community. This is something the two churches have been doing for more than a thousand years. We believe that the love of God in His Son Jesus Christ is crucial for us and the community in which we live. Please join us as we make our daily journey with Jesus. 

15th September 2019

Trinity 13

Prayer for the week

Creative and Sustaining God: The summer holidays are over, for many a new term starts, the busy-ness of work picks up again; and we can too easily become overwhelmed and anxious in the face of numerous tasks and demands. Breathe into us your calmness and grace, and protect us from thinking we must accomplish everything in own strength; for it is in trusting you that our peace and confidence and clarity of mind will grow. Through Jesus our partner and friend: Amen. 

Parish Food Bank

There are baskets at both churches, in the porch. We are trying to make a difference in the lives of parishioners who cannot even manage to buy the basics for themselves and their families.

We have been collecting food for several years, so that you know that if ever you feel you can help then there is always a basket for you to deposit your food in.

Together we can make a difference. 

Holiday Relief Organist

Can you, or someone you know help us to worship God with our Parish music? Organists or pianists help would be greatly appreciated.

Parish Pastoral Officer 

If you would like a parish visit, or Home Communion, Heather would like you to talk to you about this. 

Please contact Heather Vann on 01656 741543 or email vann651@btinternet.com

Parish School Officers 

Susan Oates and Karen Evans: 749738

Church Hall

If you are planning a function remember that our newly refurbished hall complete with audio & video facilities and a superb patio is available for hire.

Please ring Sue Roberts on 01656 741030. 

Parish Safeguarding Officer

If you have any worries about the well being of the Vulnerable, of whatever age, please speak to Dave Xerri on 01656 748548 or email dave@xerri.wales

The Bible has inspired some very great Scientists. 

15th September 2019

Thanksgiving for the Harvest

Join us at St James' Pyle on September 29th at 11am and 6pm and at St Mary Magdalene Mawdlam on October 6th at 9.30am and 6pm. Our Harvest Supper is on Friday 4th October. Tickets available at both churches after the Sunday services.

Mothers Union

Tuesday 17th September 7.00pm at the Church Hall “Christians against Poverty” with Karen Homans. 

Used stamps

Dawn collects used stamps to help animal welfare charities. If you could collect your stamps and bring them to church they will be greatly appreciated. Together, we can make a difference.

Food Bank

Terry wants to thank everyone who supports our contributions to the local Food Bank. These are greatly appreciated, and help to support desperate people during their hour of need. So Terry asks you all to keep up the good work. 

Healing Services

We have these at both churches at the mid-week services on the first Wednesday of the month. In addition, there will not be Healing as part of the 6pm service on the third Sunday of the month at St James’. 

Gift Aid

This is a way of increasing your giving by 25% without it costing you a penny. If you pay tax, then have a word with one of the Wardens. It is a simple matter of signing a form, and then when you put in your collection envelope, the Government adds 25% without it costing you anything. 

Motor Neurone Disease 

As you know John and Sue Roberts have raised thousands of pounds to fight this disease and give support to those who are suffering from it. They are now selling royal mail stamps, to raise some funds. So please support them. 

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Isaac Newton (1643 : 1727), founder of classical theoretical physics: 

"What we know is a drop, what we do not know is a vast ocean. The admirable arrangement and har-mony of the universe could only have come from the plan of an omniscient and omnipotent Being." 

Carl Linnaeus (1707 :1778), founder of systematic botany: 

"I have seen the eternal, infinite, omniscient, omnipotent God pass close by, and I knelt prostrate in adoration." 

Alessandro Volta (1745 –:1827), discovered the basic notions of electricity: 

"I confess the holy, apostolic, and Roman Catholic faith. I thank God who has given me this faith, in which I have the firm intention to live and die." 

Andre-Marie Ampere (1775 –:1836), discovered the fundamental laws of electricity: 

"How great is God, and our science is just a trifle!" 

Augustin Louis Cauchy (1789 : 1857), a distinguished mathematician, founder of complex analysis: 

"I am a Christian, that is, I believe in the divinity of Christ, like all the great astronomers and all the great mathematicians of the past." 

Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777 : 1855), dubbed the "Prince of Mathematicians," because his insights contributed to many fields of mathematics and science: "When our last hour sounds, we will have the great and ineffable joy of seeing the one whom we could only glimpse in all our work." 

Justus von Liebig (1803 : 1873), a celebrated chemist: "The greatness and infinite wisdom of the Cre-ator will be recognized only by those who really endeavour to draw their ideas from the great book we call nature." 

Robert Mayer (1814 : 1878), natural scientist (Law of the Conservation of Energy): 

"I am ending my life with a conviction that comes from the depths of my heart: true science and true philosophy can not be anything but an introductory study of the Christian religion." 

Angelo Secchi (1803 : 1895), famous astronomer: "From contemplating the heavens to God, there is only a short distance." 

Charles Darwin (1809 : 1882), Theory of Evolution: "I have never denied the existence of God. I think the theory of evolution is fully compatible with faith in God. I think the greatest argument for the existence of God is the impossibility of demonstrating and understanding that the immense universe, sublime above all measure, and man were the result of chance." 

Thomas A. Edison (1847 –:1931), the prolific inventor who held 1200 patents: 

"My utmost respect and admiration to all the engineers, especially the greatest of them all: God." 

Carl Ludwig Schleich (1859 :1922), famous surgeon, pioneer of local anesthesia: 

"I became a believer in my own way through the microscope and observation of nature, and I want to contribute, insofar as I can, to the full harmony between science and religion." 

Guglielmo Marconi (1874 : 1937), inventor of wireless telegraphy, Nobel Prize 1909: 

"I declare it proudly: I am a believer. I believe in the power of prayer, and I believe not only as a Catholic, but also as a scientist." 

Robert Millikan (1868 : 1953), great American physicist, Nobel Prize 1923: 

"I can assert most definitely that the denial of faith lacks any scientific basis. In my view, there will never be a true contradiction between faith and science." 

Arthur Eddingtong (1882 : 1946), English Astronomer Royal, mathematician and astrophysicist: 

"None of the inventors of atheism was a naturalist. All of them were very mediocre philosophers." 

Albert Einstein (1879 : 1955), founder of modern physics (Theory of Relativity inter alia) and 1921 Nobel prize: "Everyone who is seriously committed to the cultivation of science becomes convinced that in all the laws of the universe is manifest a spirit vastly superior to man, and to which we with our powers must feel humble." 

Max Planck (1858 :1947), founder of quantum physics, Nobel Prize 1918: 

"Nothing prevents us, and the momentum of our knowledge requires it… to interrelate the order of the universe and the God of religion. For the believer, God stands at the beginning of their speeches; for the physicist, at the end of them." 

Erwin Schrödinger (1887 : 1961), discoverer of wave mechanics, Nobel Prize 1933: 

"The finest masterpiece is the one made by God, according to the principles of quantum mechanics…" 

Howard H. Aiken (1900 : 1973), computer pioneer: 

"Modern physics teaches me that nature is not capable of ordering itself. The universe presupposes a huge mass of order. It therefore requires a great "First Cause" that is not subject to the second law of transformation of energy and that is therefore Supernatural." 

Wernher von Braun (1912 –:1977), German-American, foremost rocket engineer and space architect: 

"Above everything is the glory of God, who created the great universe, which man and science dis-cover and research day after day in profound adoration." 

Charles Townes (1915), physicist who shared the 1964 Nobel Prize for discovering the principles of the laser: 

"As a religious man, I feel the presence and intervention of a Creator beyond myself, but who is al-ways nearby… intelligence had something to do with the creation of the laws of the universe." 

Allan Sandage (1926 : 2010) American astronomer, calculated the rate at which the universe expands and its age by observing distant stars: 

"I was practically an atheist in my childhood. Science was what led me to the conclusion that the world is much more complex than we can explain. I can only explain the mystery of existence to my-self by the Supernatural." 

"A young college student was traveling in the same railway compartment as an elderly man who was praying his Rosary. The young man dared to confront him: "Instead of praying the Rosary, why don’t you take the time to learn and educate yourself a little more? I can send you an instructive book." The old man replied: "Please send me the book at this address, and he handed the young man his card. The card read: Luis Pasteur, Paris Institute of Science. The college student felt quite ashamed. He had planned to give advice to the most famous scholar of his time, the inventor of vaccines, esteemed worldwide and a devotee of the Rosary." 

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